Whether it's riding in style to the hottest Las Vegas nightclubs, touring the famous Las Vegas Strip, or simply getting around town in luxury, can help you. We offer the most luxurious and affordable transportation options, ranging from a 3-passenger luxury Lincoln sedan to the enormous 27-passenger Krystal mini bus. 

Peruse our most-favorited options below, and give us a call at 1-800-Las-Vegas (527-8342) when you're ready to arrange your ride.

Luxury Lincoln Town Car
Size: Up to 3 passengers.

The Lincoln Executive L-Series Town Car comfortably seats 3 passengers and their luggage. Surrounded by luxury, the well-appointed Town Car is known for it's elegance and roomy interior. We highly recommend booking the Lincoln Executive L-Series Town Car for airport transfers, tours, weddings, corporate events and special events. 

Chevrolet Suburban
Size: Up to 6 passengers. 

The Chevrolet Suburban offers the finest of all modern SUV comforts. Between it's sleek exterior styling and plus interior, you and 5 guests will ride comfortably to your location. We recommend the Chevrolet Suburban for a variety of needs, including conventions, weddings, corporate events, golf outings, and sporting events. 

6 Passenger Krystal Limousine
Size: Up to 6 guests.

The Ultra Luxury Stretch Krystal Limousine is the ultimate in luxury and elegance for yourself and 7 guests. Luxury amenities such as optic lighting, personal vanity mirrors, televisions, champagne and rock glasses, and plush interior will provide you with all the comforts you could need. Champagne, liquor, or additional beverages may be provided with advance notice. 

8 Passenger Krystal Limousine
Size: Up to 13 guests.

An upgraded version of the 6 Passenger Krystal Limousine, the 8 Passenger option is the ultimate in sedan limousines. With all the amenities of the 6 Passenger, the 8 Passenger will provide yourself and your guests with privacy, comfort, and luxury. 

Super Stretch SUV Krystal Limousine
Size: Up to 13 guests.

Size does matter, and the Super Stretch SUV Limousine is the largest and most advanced limousine available. Seating up to 13 passengers (without luggage space), the Super Stretch SUV Limousine provides comforts such as tinted privacy windows, optic lighting, full surround sound stereo, and a privacy divider while refusing to sacrifice style. The Super Stretch SUV Limousine is ideal for flaunting your stuff at weddings, corporate events, and nights out on the town. 

15 Passenger Van
Size: Up to 10 passengers with luggage or 15 without. 

This economical van is ideal for corporate outings, airport transportation, and sporting events. Transport yourself and 9 of your guests comfortably, with additional compartments for any and all luggage. With tinted windows and it's plush interior, the 15 Passenger Van is perfect for all your transportation needs. 

12 Passenger Krystal Executive Van
Size: Up to 12 passengers. 

With it's executive leather interior, forward facing captain seats, and interior charging ports, the 12 Passenger Krystal Executive Van is ideal for all your corporate needs. Whether it's traveling around the Las Vegas convention scene or heading to your next big meeting, this Executive Van is the perfect way to show the world you mean business. 

23 and 27 Passenger Krystal Mini Bus 
Size: Up to 23 and 27 passengers, depending on bus selection. 

What better way to make a statement than travelling Vegas in your personal chauffeured bus? With two separate options that seat up to 23 or 27 passengers, the Krystal Mini Bus is the best option for tours, large groups, and airport shuttles. Luxury is not sacrificed with this option, as proven by the comfortable interior, surround sound system, and DVD player with flat screen TVs. 


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